Irum Godil
3 min readJan 25, 2021

Covid-19 may have left no corner unturned to spike our stress-levels, however, it has also tremendously helped us to shift our center of focus to completely unimagined terrains.

If someone was to ask me the biggest lesson that Covid has taught me, it would be, “The Uniformity of Existence.”

I woke up this weekend feeling discouraged by the news of the new Covid-Strain and its impact on North-American travel. However, I finally overcame the feeling of doom and gloom through the strategy I had started experimenting with, since last weekend. That strategy was to become Blind.

Yes, you read it right.

Not literally and not metaphorically, but in essence really reducing your focus of visibility to the lowest level of the visible radius around you.

I tried walking around my place, some parts of known street walks and closed parking lots, by actually keeping my eyes closed (of course ensuring personal safety). It was as if the outside world did not matter.

When walking in my neighbourhood, I stopped looking above the ground. In a sense, it was to teach myself that what is happening around me is irrelevant and my world is all uniform.

However, as I kept doing this exercise, I landed on an important discovery within.

In essence, what I discovered is that the more my eyes were shut from the exterior domains, the more grip I had on my sub-conscious brain. When my eyes were closed, I was able to navigate with the reality within.

The more we are able to bring our sub-conscious attention to the fore-front of our brains, the more we will actually be able to exercise our maximum potential.

This war-like-pandemic time has created a sense of helplessness all around. And that is why it is all the more important, to access the powers within. These powers are accessible by becoming blind to the conscious realm.

Now, of course the biggest challenge is that 95% of our everyday tasks happen on the conscious horizon. So, how do you escape this domain?

Well, I do not have all the answers, but I do know that there is an answer.

At least, at all the times, when we are not busy in an actual physical effort, we need to engage with our sub-conscious energy and find ways to tap into it.

The subconscious realm is an Infinite Realm. It is untouched by the external world outside and has solutions that our conscious mind is unaware of.

The hope is that the more we are in touch with this sub-conscious reality, the more it would become the dominant reality of our existence.

And the more we are able to drive our lives from our sub-conscious brain, the easier it would be for us to navigate. Appearances and places will no longer matter, as that would be invisible to the sub-conscious mind. What would matter is what is inside of us.

In essence, the subconscious mind is a Gold-mine. It has intelligence and information beyond limits. The more we are able to connect with it, the more we can help our own selves and the world around us, in this time and beyond.